Bringing Hope to families in need.... - Osterman David Guerin NOV 08
Hairdressers On a Mission  2017 Project Philippines - Company Message
 david guerin and shannon van deusen were great!
what a pleasure to meet people for the very first time that are truly along to serve others with their knowledge and compassion and TIME! We began as a team and had fun! David has remained loyal to this community and given a boost to Andres, our barber friend with a new hydraulic chair (2011) and a new pair of Titan Oster Clippers.
David  "Osterman"  not only did exciting stagework with no stage (!) ...he rolled up his sleeves and did whatever was needed. Starting out the first day (unfortunately, no picture to prove it) draaaging out a huge sludge bucket to dump that the non-plumbed sink drained into day after day. (poured water from buckets too!) believe me, this school will never be the same and neither will we!
Shannon, David's daughter is amazing and so talented. (loves those kids too) Scrupleswho donated their line of retail products and hair color, knows how to pick their educators!! funny her Dad is such a great baracuda fisherman that she never developed a taste for fish?!
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