Bringing Hope to families in need.... - Miracle Bus Ride "08
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The MIRACLE bus ride!
This bus was given to us to use in Baja
to be able to cut hair anywhere at anytime!
Larry Attwood, Oly Wa. knew she had some life left to live and Greg Carras was kind enough to get her road ready (at the very last minute!) Mark Hoy, IMark Signs did some great lettering to cheer the exterior.
Leaving a day late for San Diego where my 19 yr old grandson and I were to pick up all 10 others
at the airport, knew we would have to do it in less than 2 50 mph and 8mpg.
I fell just 10 days before and broke my wrist so expected would be hard to shift and the help driving was great. Little did we know, in Sacramento, the power steering belt would break. THEN, two other belts fell off. (turns out  it was for the air pump) Greg advises me long distance that it is best to park her permanently!
We exhausted the idea of #1 finding anyone who would tow a bus ..#2 where would we park it anyway...#3 what would we do with the tremendous load of product we had picked up at David's Salon in Albany Oregon  #4 let alone anyone who would do anything after 5pm!!??!!??
I am used to mechanical miracles from so many interesting donated vehicles that when he sensed that God told him to
Our prayer was answered and I was sure we exhausted all options and agreed we had nothing to lose....and now had only 15hours to get there at LESS than 50mph.
This is the inside of the hood of our bus after we reached destination...San Ysidro....not San Diego!?
With the power steering gone...and a little light that came on flashing
BRAKE PRESSURE....we began to
wonder what comfort we would have with the screeeeeeching alarm that went along with it. We had firm brakes and faith and fluid...and that voice of God "Get in the bus and just drive"...we did just that.
The notorious grapevine did not even heat her up! Now, this is amazing!
BUT....when we hit LA in the middle of the night...the head gasket blew! OIL EVERYWHERE. Ca Chug Ca Chug and a gallon and a half of oil later at 40 mph...we landed in San Ysidro at a ministry place for those who cross the border and need to store donated goods that the Mexican government turns back.
My concern was how to get the goods across and called the van rental place after hours and happy that Mike answered (AllStar Van I highly recommend) He had no 15 psg van and he was meeting the other 10 at the SD Airport with a 12 psg van at 9:30am. I told him the problem and 15 minutes later he had one rounded up for us and ready to meet them at the same time! wowo
Perfect timing...We enter San Ysidro below BELOW empty on chug
at come in...vans waiting..20 minutes later all 10 drive to meet us as we unload and reload!  God had a PLAN
The end is yet to come. The mechanics in Mexico are taking a look at it to fix it!!
A miracle or God's Plan??hmmm
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