Bringing Hope to families in need.... - Gabriel House Visit 2008
Hairdressers On a Mission  2017 Project Philippines - Company Message
OCTOBER 2014 WE PLAN TO VISIT AGAIN! THIS TIME WITH A NEW YWAM (Youth With a Mission)group from Olympia, Wa.       NEW PICS TO COME!!
We had our first stop at  (in 2008)
Here they lovingly tend to over
40 severely handicap children.
It was our pleasure to cut these
precious children's hair back in  "08
We were able to bless the staff
with cuts as well, leaving donations of nutritional drinks and quilts.
Guitars came with us this trip and what fun it was! Nathan Rogers from Redding California  and Cory (Mary's grandson) found a receptive audience everywhere they went. 

WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH    in Olympia Wa. always sends us with the most beautiful quilts to share with those in need. From the orphanage to Gabriel House to disabled in the community, it is like these women put their warm arms around each child as they ask Jesus to bless each and every one!
We are the ones who get to experience
the joy and only pictures to describe tiny bits and pieces of a huge, life changing time for us all. This time we did not have enough hairdressers to help     but we hope our future trips will include more.
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