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Bonding of Barbers
by  Mary J Carskadon 11/08
The matching of missing fingers end in similarity as their history reveals....In the USA, David Guerin, Osters Global Artistic Directors finger falls into the lake as a launch rope tightens after a fun day on the water. Andres recalls his being smashed through a little corn mill as his sister grinds corn for tortillas when he was only four years old.
David tells of not only the firetruck but the ambulance coming to his rescue. Then Andres speaks quietly about his memory of vomiting for a long time and of course no doctor or even a bandaid from his parents.
David's required some fancy procedures to get his "tip" perfected and Andres just watched his little finger rot. His parents must have been more brilliant than it sounds as his mother had
3 in 1 oil to treat the rot....and today, it looks as good as the finger that cost thousands.
The similarities become evident as both men did not let it hinder their careers as barbers. As Andres enters the same stage as David to demonstrate his Oster's, he said to David, "I have nothing to teach you, you are the best".  David humbly replies, "you have everything to teach me".
David's heart applauded and his reward will be that memory tucked away  forever.
You see, Andres now cuts hair in a wheelchair after being paralyzed by a gunshot wound when he was the local Drug lord. Andres is now filled with an amazing testimony of realizing his reason for being alive is to serve the very Jesus who suffered and died for his sins and gave him a new direction for his family.
What David did not get to see was when I presented Andres with his new Oster Clippers with 12 detachable blades at his little home constructed recently of wooden pallets with a broken patch of mirror on his wall. The tears were pure!  Yes, his haircuts will remain the same at 20 pesos ($2) and Davids prices may remain unchanged also, but both men bonded in many ways.
We hope to see him become a clipper repairman and learn to sharpen shears to aid in his schooling at the Bible Intsitute he attends. He will need a hand driven van and that is what we hope for but only with financial help from others. He  is an expert on abuse and could help others dealing with this problem.
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